Insanity In a perfect world, in a reasonable time, no self respecting man would ever pervade the sacredness of women’s domain, ie: female restroom. Yet today is not that time and a minority of men will do exactly that with the blessings of our government. You have to ask, “what mind altering substance is the… Read More Insanity

Over our Heads

Greetings: Ever felt like you were over your head with all the things going on around you? At work, the pressures are enormous and feelings of inadequacies are piling up. At home, you have projects you’ve set aside for months and new ones are constantly popping up. You feel as though you’ve sunk neck deep… Read More Over our Heads


Greetings to all: Before computers, Ipods, Notebooks, and even television, there was a simple way to entertain ones self. Men and women alike, old or young, didn’t matter, would sit on the front porch and whittle. They would use a small knife which was generally kept very sharp, to peel small slivers of wood off… Read More Whittling

Great Works

Greetings: Two ministers were rushing to catch a train. Afraid they were late, one looked at his watch but found it had stopped. “This is awful,” he said. “I’ve always put such faith in this watch.” “This is once,” said the other, “when good works would probably have served better.” Why is there such turmoil… Read More Great Works