Is Church for Everyone?

Why are some people religious and others not? Why do many who call themselves Christians rarely frequent the doors of churches and synagogues. Is God so tolerant in the mind of the Christian that giving the smallest amount of reverence is unnecessary in their minds? Has the American Christian been sold a bill of goods when it comes to God?
These are some questions that frankly need answers in the light of the degradation of our society. I realize this may seem like just another article of the demise of our culture and in some ways it is. What I truly hope to bring to the forefront of discussion is the moral failure in our religious culture and the leaders whom profess to be the arbiters of our faith and claim to represent Gods will on earth.
We begin with “Why are some people religious and others not” in the US one third of the citizens claim to be Christian in one form or another don’t attend church. Have we as a society come to the point where we take our God for granted? Is it that we have been told by our pastors and Ministers so often that it doesn’t matter what we do, God will forgive us, even if it means not having a relationship with God.
Have our cultural and religious lives become so intertwined that we come to expect only the good things in life. I would suggest we are spoiled children in the eyes of God, destine for a rude awakening. It is my contention we owe this attitude to the leaders of today and the “give me” mentality of many people as well.
Our leaders use the, “You owe me idea” in society today, they exploit our desire to want everything now (instant gratification) that is prevalent in many parts of our nation. We came by this attitude, not from our Fathers and Mothers; it began in our churches first. The world goes the way of our beliefs, not the other way around. What I mean by this is, our basic views in life begin at home and in the church with the teachings of the local Minister as the teachings degrade and home life degrades, our society degrades. We eventually come to the point where church is not important anymore, and person’s wants and needs will be filled in places other than church.
If you talk too many self professing non-church going Christian today they will tell you something in their lives is missing. They won’t be able to articulate what it is, they only know there is a void that needs filling, but when they attend the local church once again to see if it is God who can help with their emptiness, they are again disappointed.
Why is the church experience not an enlightening spirit filled occasion for most people. The answer to this and other questions is: What they hear in Churches and what they read in their Bibles do not correspond, they don’t mesh together. The Bible then becomes confusing and hard to read, and parishioner becomes disgruntled and gives up.
Religious leaders have done this to the people and they continue to inflict a heavy toll upon the flocks.
How can this be turned around? The truth is it goes even deeper than I have explained here, but I don’t have the time to give all the answers. You can read many booklets and articles about this subject and many others on our web-site ( See for yourself why we are where we are today living in a Godless land.

By: Ron Harmon


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