Seasons Traditions

The smell and sounds of the Holiday season are floating in the air. It is an unmistakable aroma of turkey and pumpkin pies that permeate the nostrils. The air also includes the smell of pine and spruce, eggnog and mint. There is a constant Christmas seasonal melody playing in every store and office building along with TV show after TV show on the holiday. We mustn’t forget, the ever ready jingling of the salvation worker outside every store asking for spare change. Greeting of every consideration is thrown at you, sometime with vigor for the season and sometimes with mono indifference to the whole affair.
What is about this time of year Christians put on the blinders of denominational teachings on and refuse to peek outside the peripherals of seasonal traditions? Theological scholar after theological scholar and Historian after historian have come forward, written books, gave sermons and said unabashedly, Christ was not born at this time of the year. It seems that once a teaching is inspired and propagated with man it becomes a family tradition, that not even the love of God himself can change the minds of normally good people.
Every argument you can think of has been put forth in order to maintain these traditions which roots are far deeper than the birthday of Christ. Many of the traditions that are observed today go back as far as Babylon and Egypt. We never hear of this except for snippets and pieces here and there, why not? Why not tell the whole story about Christmas? Why not explain where the traditions of the Christmas tree, mistletoe and Yule log evolved from, shouldn’t we embrace these truths if they are truly Christian?
Why insist to the point of ridiculousness on something even if true, couldn’t be proven? Why teach children these traditions based on fairy tails and stories then turn around and scolded them for lying? What messages are we sending to our youth, it’s okay to lye when it comes to certain things.
If Christmas is all it’s cracked up to be; then be true to your convictions, stand up for the truth of the season. Embrace the Christmas tree and its Pagan origins, investigate the meaning of the ornament on the tree, and tell its meaning to your children, what are you ashamed of? Why not embrace the birthday of every pagan sun god this side of Noah’s flood (December 25th) why does the churches of today stand on mountains and shout without one iota of proof in hand, this same day is the birthday of Christ?
Is there a different agenda perhaps? Is there something that has to be covered up? Is there something the Christian world is not seeing? Why, why, why does this question about Christmas and its surroundings persist, why was Christmas outlawed in America until the early 1800’s. What did our ancestors know, that we refused to acknowledge?
Find out more on this subject and others by going to discover the truth then herald it in its true context, at least you will be an honest person.

By: Ron Harmon


One thought on “Seasons Traditions

  1. I found your article on and made a comment there, which is being reviewed first. So… if you don't mind, I am posting it here too. Here goes:Thank you for this honest and thoughtful article.You are correct that many Christmas traditions go all the way back to Babylon and Egypt, and most Christians (whom I am one) put blinders on. Deception needs two things to exist: (1) ignorance and (2) obstinance. The Bible says that veils of unbelief are only removed in Christ. A move of the Spirit is literally required where everyone will be enabled to take a genuine look at Christmas.For the record, my family laid down the Christmas holiday in 1998 when my son was 5-years-old. I literally had a supernatural encounter of the divine kind. (Chapters 1 & 7 in my book explains.)I would like to correct one of your points (which might only be a typo): Christmas was actually outlawed in America from 1659-1681 by the Massachusetts Bay Colony. I think you must be thinking about how most Christians in the MA area abstained from Christmas for approximately 200 years. It wasn't until the 1880s that Boston was sweep up in Christmas cheer.You might be interested in my book that’s available on Amazon: “Santa-tizing: What’s wrong with Christmas and how to clean it up” ( Officially, I’m not a theological scholar or a historian, but I have researched everything Christmas (full-time) for over 10 years. A little of my story, loads of history and Scripture awaits the honest seeker. And readers need to remember that I have no stones to throw. I’ve been there. Done that. Bought the T-shirt. Wore it out. And bought it again. So… I invite everyone to come walk on the revelatory side in an examination of America’s most loved holiday. What’s wrong with Christmas? Lots. How to clean it up? You and your family get to decide.Robin Main

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