Language of Today

Language of Today

By Ron Harmon

One of the greatest gifts from God too man was the ability to create incredible beauty, with music, art, engineering but most of all, the written word. Man is able to build a world of wonder and beauty simply from their minds, which gives us glimpses of places real and unreal a like. We can create an escape into a never, never land of fantasies and adventure lasting from childhood way into our futures. Describing unto us our desire to become something we believe we were never capable of being. Myriad colors and thoughts of worlds far off into the future formed our hopes and dreams, all through language.
Language makes us unique as humans; that and a thumb making it possible to pick up a pen allows man to create records, laws, poems, music, mathematics and so much more. The gift God gave to man was truly wonderful and even if you don’t believe in God you can still appreciate it as a gift all the same, for there are no other beings on this planet with the ability to write and speak.
For every gift it seems there is a corresponding curse, because of the evil in mans heart he is able to take such creativity and build worlds of elaborate schemes and lies. Entrapping innocent lives within webs of deceit, using promises built by language to fortify trust as a suit of armor about them.
We are trusting beings by nature; we want to believe in people, we are wired in such a way unscrupulous men can and do take advantage with slick words using verbiage as their collateral. We as human invest our decent souls into worshipful presentations from polished orators begging elaborately for our confidence.
Mans ability to corrupt a gift from God isn’t unique to our times but began with the very first lie from Satan, “you shall not surely die”. Man bought into the lie and now we suffer because we took the lesson Satan taught and now we give lying life every time we ignore it or condone it. From that lie to the next man learned to become more and more adept at covering his tracks when lying. It seems man learns his evil lessons well. We’ve now come to a point in man’s history where untruth is a matter of definition and a words meanings depend upon intent and often who said it and when they said it.
Is not a lie a lie, doesn’t a honest mans words have meaning too a world like the one we have today. We all want our neighbors to be honest, shouldn’t we expect our leader to exhibit the same moral character.
Along with the gift of language God said don’t lie, don’t misrepresent your actions with words but we keep entrusting in promises, hoping the moral character of men is a sure thing. We keep getting lied to over and over and we seemed shocked every time we discover a week morally incompetent human-being has once again duped us into believing they are the answer to all our problems.
The written word is the life blood of thought, thinking men learn early on to live their lives apart from influences that poison the mind. Debase character, rejection of moral teachings and a willingness to accept graft in lieu of productivity is the poison to all men’s thinking. Once weakened, we become susceptible to the wills of those dolling the poison out. In a pseudo hypnotic state men regurgitate the poisonous verbiage infecting others around them not comprehending the disastrous affects it can have.
Mans ability with the written word has made him kings, lords and presidents, local mayors, senators and legislators. He is able to exact his will upon the masses through written laws and edicts. Gods written laws are in stone and never change despite the arguments of men. Mans on the other hand, are far more fallible and fleeting reeking havoc wherever it travels. It all changes every time there is a new leader, his laws it seems are for his own narcissistic rendition of history.
Our President today is a man noted to have the ability to enlighten, inspire and speak with confidence of words. He is able to appreciate enough of the written language to learn its uses, good and bad. He is also a man of lesser character unfortunately and uses the methods written above to capture a nation and suck the power from it’s marrow to appease his lust for admiration. He cares nothing for the core or its sustainability; his appetite is insatiable and we as a nation will be short lived if we are not able to break free from his grasp.
His future is wrapped around the language he has chosen to use; it is now time to look at what the man has promised, claimed, insinuated and stated under oath. It’s time to show the world once and for all; the United States does know what a lie is and we won’t tolerate the reconditioning of our language any longer.
Language is an astonishing thing and a wonderful gift from God; we should never be as so arrogant as to think we can use such a gift wrongly and then be blessed, especially if we are the President.


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