The Bitter Pill
By: Ron Harmon

We’ve been made to swallow our medicine and just as when were young children, we are told it will make us well. Both houses of government and the president came to an agreement and passed a bill that will cure our problems, they say. They held their noses and voted yes, irregardless of its taste and whether it was the remedy needed or not.
Is this deal even worth making, is it worth doing or would no medicine be better for us than the supposed cure. Cutting spending must and has to be a priority in our nation. Our country has burned the candle at both ends the last two years and now it’s time to pay the piper. Our over spending has made us a sick nation with very few choices on how to fix our hangover.
Medicine is only good when it is the correct medicine and in proper dosage: the disease in this country isn’t a common cold as described by so many legislators but a cancer. It is devouring the flesh from our nation and minor short term cures won’t keep a dying nation on its feet. We will be dealing with debt affects far into the future where it will become the problem of our children and grandchildren.
If we are not willing to do the necessary fixes we are headed for an abyss of incalculable consequences. Our spending is unsustainable, our debt is overwhelming our economy, and there is no more wealth to tax. Our financial doctors in the form of politicians are giving us rosy projections for the future, a future they probably won’t be a part of. The sickness is becoming too hard to bear and we as a Nation are becoming too week to sustain a life-style we are accustomed to.
Becoming healthier is a goal to all Americans and it begins with hard choices. We are bloated and overweight by excess; it’s time we deal with our problems. We need real medicine and a real cure for our societal ills, and after fifty years of the great experiment, perhaps we can come to at least a few conclusions. The poor are poor for a reason and they will always be poor and giving them more of our money won’t bring them out of poverty. Giving my hard earned dollars to abortion clinics, grants for asinine studies, and foreign aid to countries that don’t give a hoot about us are just a few things we can eliminate from our national diet.
Take the credit cards away from our government and balance our budget; require the government to balance a budget and submit a budget for approval each and every year.
We can beat this cancer that has become stage four and has permeated the core of our society. The medicine we need may even taste worse than it does now but it is a cure we can have hope in. What we have now is an aspirin for cancer and it sure doesn’t feel like its worth the trouble taking and it sure doesn’t feel like it will work.
This Nation still has life in it and I believe its core foundation is solid but we need real sacrifice from red blooded Americans those who make up its core. We need sacrifice in the form of doing what is right and not going along because of empty promises. We have to choose leaders who embrace the concept of limited government and fewer regulations.
We can take our medicine; we have proven that over the last two hundred years. What we can’t take, is having something someone else calls a cure shoved down our throats.


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