Liberals becoming Bolder

Greetings Everyone:

The battle is finished and someone won, no one is quit sure who that was but it doesn’t feel as though it was the people, once again. It was incredible to hear coming out of the mouths of liberals accusations that were tantamount to either school yard bullying or high treason against Tea Party members for simply standing by their campaign promises. Liberals calling Tea Party member’s terrorist is a dangerous president, one that could have serious implications in the future. The liberals should have been shamed to their foundations for such rhetoric, but they were left almost unabated to demonize whatever and whomever they choose. These are dangerous times and liberals are becoming bolder by day and the future in their hands is one of ungovernable rule.
Our Bible study begins at 7PM central time; we will be discussing Romans Part 3. This is our e-mail address for the bible study on Wednesdays, please use this one for you questions and comments. Ron Harmon
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Ron Harmon

P.S. Don’t forget August 20th, Georgetown TX. Chamber of commerce, 100 stadium Rd. 9:30AM, Joel Richardson author of “The Islamis Anti Christ” will be speaking on the Islaic rise in America. Join us it will be well worth your time.


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