Greeting to all;

Boy, is it hot, how hot is it you ask, fill in the blank however you like, it will fit. We are suffering from the worst heat I have ever felt and I have lived in Texas all my life. We are breaking records daily and no end in sight. I think all the Baptist believe they’ve ended up in hell; and now, there are searching for their congressmen to get them some relief.
On another subject, we lost 30 good men this last week probably more by now. It’s my belief, we should fight our enemies with all we have holding nothing back. We have plenty of enemies in Afghanistan, with the Al Qaeda and the Taliban and many others. That is why; we should support our efforts one hundred percent, not half heartedly. Our national leaders have pulled the rug out from under our missions in foreign countries countless times, for what? Political gain is what, if we are not going to fight to win, bring them home, and for once, forget the political side of war, for our soldier’s sake.

Our Bible study begins at 7PM central time; we will be discussing Romans Part 4. This is our e-mail address for the bible study on Wednesdays, please use this one for you questions and comments. Our church web-site just in case you need it.
Join us with questions or comments at
Ron Harmon

P.S. Don’t forget August 20th, Georgetown TX. Chamber of commerce, 100 stadium Rd. 9:30AM, Joel Richardson author of “The Islamis Anti Christ” will be speaking on the Islaic rise in America. Join us it will be well worth your time.


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