Greetings to All:

We’ve all been watching the riots in England this last week and they seem eerily reminiscent to the race riots in the US fifty years ago. Even twenty years ago the Rodney King riots in Los Angles could be a similar comparison with the looting, burning, and viciousness of the mobs. What’s truly amazing is; most of the participants don’t even know what the reasons are behind their unrest; it’s “get your free stuff time” to them.
It seems there is a great spirit of unrest in this world today. There is a great amount of anger fomenting within the ghettos and poor districts of Nations all over the world. Equally, fear and un-assuredness grips the neighborhoods in anticipation of another night of violence. Left only with political correctness and baseball bats as defense of home and property; the good people of London are sitting ducks to the whims of criminals who believe it’s an early Christmas. What next, where will be the next great event that will add to the growing evidence that we are truly approaching the end times. We must be ready, both physically and spiritually, the world may be un-sure about tomorrow but we should never be.

Don’t for get to join us at 10:30AM in Austin and 1:00PM in Waco for services. Our e-mail address in Waco and the House of God hgchurch@clear.net is the way to contact us. Below are the links to quickly connect to us, thanks. The church site web-link is: http://www.blogger.com/www.hgwaco.com

Ron Harmon
Join us with questions or comments
at mailto:hgchurch@clear.net


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