This isn’t Kansas anymore.

Greetings Everyone:

The gun blasted in Iowa; the great race has begun to see who will be the next great Wizard of government. All the promises handed out with smoke, mirrors, thunder and sincerity will be tested by a small group called the Tea Party. They hopefully will pull back the curtain exposing the true voice behind the great and powerful manipulator and a true leader will emerge to give our nation a brain and heart. This isn’t Kansas anymore but we in America want it to be, we just want to go back to a time when life was simple and good, fewer taxes, less regulation and we could trust our leaders in Washington. Clicking our heels won’t solve our growing problems, neither will a wizard in a never, never land; only God can save us and only repentance will suffice for his attention.

Don’t forget August 20th, Georgetown TX. Chamber of commerce, 100 stadium Rd. 9:30AM, Joel Richardson author of “The Islamis Anti Christ” will be speaking on the Islaic rise in America. Join us it will be well worth your time. We will be braodcasting the event on web-cam if nothing goes wrong, it is a new location so there is always a possibility of issues.
Our Bible study begins at 7PM central time; we will be discussing Romans Part 4. This is our e-mail address for the bible study on Wednesdays, please use this one for you questions and comments. Our church web-site is: just in case you need it.
Join us with questions or comments at
Ron Harmon


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