The world in Hyper mode

Greetings Everyone:

The world seems to have hype-accelerated and is spinning towards a crescendo of monumental events. It seems one disaster story is replaced by another disaster story faster than they can report the news nowadays. The air it seems, is full of anticipation of something even bigger about to happen; nothing, would be a surprise at this moment in time.
We enjoyed a presentation by Joel Richardson on Islam in prophecy this last Sabbath and he spoke on the fall of Libya and what do we hear on the news two days later; Libyan rebels storm Tripoli and capture the country. At this time they seem to be leaderless, who or what will fill the vacuum is the question of the day. Will it be as Joel said; will they be somehow absorbed by a combine of Muslim nations directed by a group like the Muslim brotherhood? Time will give us the answer to all these questions and the way things are progressing, we won’t have to wait long for the answers too a lot of questions. Be ready, for the time may be nearer than we believe.
Our Bible study begins at 7PM central time; we will be discussing Romans Part 5. This is our e-mail address for the bible study on Wednesdays, please use this one for you questions and comments. Our church web-site just in case you need it.
Join us with questions or comments at
Ron Harmon


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