Washington and Irene

Greetings Folks:

The folks on the east coast are bracing themselves for hurricane Irene to make herself know this morning. The storm will make a path up the Atlantic seaboard along the eastern sea coast line and continue north. We will certainly be praying there will be minimal damage and loss of life. I have just one more observation on the storm. Washington finally has something to compete with when it comes to hot air and destruction; now it is only a matter of seeing which of the two will be more responsible for damage to our country in the coming months. I’m placing my bets on Washington, they’re not driven by nature, seems Satan himself is in control of our nation’s capital. It can only be describe as insane some of the policy decisions emerging from the depths of the power driven bureaucrats. One example; the sage brush lizard is once again being used to shut down oil drilling in west Texas at a time when we need all the oil we can get. Farm land will be off limits for cultivation, people will be out of work; again at a time when we have record unemployment. Satan is busy; we need to be just as busy making ourselves ready for our coming King and ruler, Jesus Christ.

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Ron Harmon

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