Actions Speaking loudly

Greetings Everyone:

I grew up on a farm in the 50 and 60’s and we had a very simple life. The one thing that was always taught to me was the importance of responsibility; forthcoming when you did something wrong you were forthcoming and admitted it. What I have witnessed from the president of this country would have the old farmers that surrounded our farm fall to their knees and weep. After the sorrow anger and they probably would demand Obama be impeached for incompetence and treason.

The arrogance displayed is beyond comprehension, Obama demanded air time and a joint session of the congress and senate the very night the Republican were scheduled for an important debate. He backed down when it was made clear to him it would be impossible to organize the event since Congress didn’t return until that very day. It isn’t common practice for the president to demand such events; it is the other way around, Congress invites the President. It seems to be true when some folks in talk radio say he is nothing more than a Chicago thug bent on getting his way; he could have proven them wrong but instead he is showing they were right all along.

Have a wonderful Sabbath and God bless.

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