Enemy at the Gate

Greetings Everyone:

Fires, floods, tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, and now the grumblings of an underlying anger is prevailing in the USA today. It seems we are a country not only losing its values but it’s coming apart at its core through natural disasters. All the while the very fabric of our soul is waning before our eyes in clusters of campaign speeches meant to convince us, they’re the savior of our beloved nation. Dissention hangs in the air as thickly as the smoke from the wildfires and vulgarity has reached a new level along with innuendos of war against one another while the real enemy is at our gates i.e. Islam, China and Russia.
Has this nation gone mad, are we in a drunken stupor, partying and dancing the night away while Rome burns? The debt collectors at the door, the nation has no more money; so, we act like no ones home and we hope they will go away. How long can we sustain this insanity and remain a great nation? The answer is obvious, we can’t. Pray God intervention and his salvation, it is our only hope.
Our e-mail address in Waco and the House of God hgchurch@clear.net is the way to contact us. Below are the links to quickly connect to us, thanks. The church site web-link is: www.hgwaco.com
Watch the sermons on web-cam www.hgwaco.com/Live%20video.htm

Ron Harmon


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