Do You Feel Safe?

Greetings Everyone:

The question was asked by the media this week, “Do you feel safer than you did ten years ago” well, do you? Ten years ago we worried about a host of different things, none of which seems matter in today’s environment. In comparison to today, we were a bit innocent and somewhat naive about the future. We hadn’t recognized the Islamic threat that has consumed the last decade. It took a brief moment on that September morning in 2001 to shine the light into the face of horror we now know as Islam and our lives were changed forever.

We see now more than then, the realism of Christ return. We see Christ and his plan taking a form we hadn’t considered ten years ago.

In many ways when I think about the coming Kingdom of God, I do feel safer, but when the light shines back onto this world, it frightens me unlike it has ever before and I don’t feel safe in my own home. Furthermore, I don’t trust our government like I did ten years ago and I didn’t trust them much then. It will take the return for Christ to relieve the anxiety from this world; until then, man will only insert fear and no one will ever really feel safe.

Our e-mail address in Waco and the House of God is the way to contact us. Below are the links to quickly connect to us, thanks. The church site web-link is:

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Ron Harmon


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