Greetings to all:
These are the days of our lives and here in Texas they continue to be hot. A nervousness seems to permeate the atmosphere and everywhere there is talk of surviving this President and his administration. At no time in the history of the US have we had such an administration riddled with corruption; it’s one thing after another and he still acts as if there is some sort of mandate from the people to push his insane agenda. Now the President wants another five hundred billion of your grandchildren’s money for the same old tired reasons.
I think this nation had about enough, even many in his own party are coming out loudly against him. The question is this: Can he be removed either through elections or by conviction before he has time to do even more damage. The answer to that may very well depend on what happens in Israel and Europe. Be prepared, the time of the end is at near, we must be ready spiritually and physically.
Don’t foget to watch the sermons live on web-cam, 10:30AM in Austin and 1:00PM in Waco.
P.S> My computer problems are still plaging me hopfully I will have everything sorted out by tomarrow.
Ron Harmon

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