Peace Makers

Greetings to All:

“Blessed are the Peace Makers, for they shall be called the sons of God” what a wonderful verse, it’s too bad this world doesn’t understand what it truly means. To truly bring peace to someone you must first, do no harm to that someone. What I see in our government isn’t peace making because they are doing plenty in the way of harm. They are harming use in every area of life, personal, social and business, we don’t have self regulation any longer in our nation, every aspect of out lives are monitored, checked and double checked.
Big Brother has his eye on you and you must conform, isn’t that what we are told each day by all the requirements we are expected to adhere to. Big Brother says this is the path to peace and security; has it lead us there to this day after decade of mounting regulation. Have more bureaucracies made us secure or have they made us become more paranoid about big brother today or should I be saying big government. We are approaching a delusional faze where are government has started playing the role of God. After all; doesn’t God feed you, protect you, and give you clean air to breathe and isn’t this what we are told is the today’s definition of our government. We are promised all this and health care as well, what’s so bad about that? Only the true Christ will and can bring peace to this earth until then; it is our job as his representatives to bring peace to those we can through the knowledge of Christ.


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