Dry Season

Greetings Everyone:

Autumn is upon us and a new hope for a change in weather conditions has stirred within the communities of Texas. Rain of any amounts would be a blessing at this time. The seriousness of the drought is understated by anyone attempting to describe just how dry it truly is and the irony of this type of conditions water is being wasted by the truck loads from broken pipes. When the ground becomes too dry it shrinks and draws up becoming hard as cement; plastic hasn’t a chance under these conditions, the pipes snap like twigs.
On the foreign front we saw the leader of Palestine apply for statehood status at the UN, I’m surprised our administration didn’t endorse the application; ohh, it is election season, got to remember that. The other revelation that came out of the Middle East this week; we now have discovered Pakistan is supporting terrorist; who knew! Almost everyone except our government knew, that’s who. We keep doing this dance around these countries that hate our guts, acting as though we can change their view of us if we give them enough money. Our conversion to Islam or our deaths are the only two appeasements they seek; it’s time we learned that.
God bless you and your Sabbath; seek God daily.


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