Trumpets 2011

Greetings Once More:

Here we are at Trumpets again; time to get our minds into the Holy days if we haven’t already. Atonement and Tabernacles are just around the corner, I hope your preparations are made; there isn’t much time left before we embark upon our yearly journey.
We are rehearsing and event by attending the feast as one definition of scripture is defined. It seems like we are simply attending a church service but we have joined a host of beings both physical and spiritual in the celebration of the King of the Universe and his plan for man. We tend to forget we are in the presence of the most holy being in the cosmos and it was he that created man for his purpose.
If we do nothing else this year during the feast, let us focus on who we are and what we have been chosen for. I my self am not ashamed to say, I’ll special in God’s sight, and you shouldn’t be ashamed as well. Who knows if this is our last celebration of the feast of God together, who knows what the next year will bring. God wanted us to remember these days and there meaning both to him and us; by rehearsing them now. We will remember them when the darkest days fall upon us all. Remember one other thing and keep it close to your heart; when it’s the darkest, Christ the light of the world is just over the horizon and our salvation is near. Have a happy and wonderful feast of God.


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