King has no clothes

Hello Everyone::

All is not well in the world but you probably wouldn’t know that if you rely upon main stream media for your news. All is not well in the USA either but the talking heads in Washington are touting great successes in the economy; how are doing, your friends and family are they doing better than a year ago? When will the little girl stand up and help everyone see the king has no clothes, in other words, when will the truth fully emerge about just how bad a shape the world is in right now. We aren’t getting the whole truth about the economy, simply because it’s an election year.

To make matters worst, there are very few leaders from the top down willing to do what is necessary to fix the problems we have; it seems they are content to go the way of Greece. Greece is not the model for success; the social programs so generously awarded out to the masses broke their banks; yet, we here in the USA seem to believe we need more social benefits and we have enough millionaires to pay for it all. In reality, the poor and middle class will pay and pay and pay for years to come or this nation will fall in the interim.

God said he would bring confusion upon the land if we didn’t obey him and one thing we know absolutely, God doesn’t lie. Have a blessed Sabbath.


Back from the feast

Greeting to Everyone:

We’re back, all safe and sound from the feast. Many of us are carrying extra baggage in the form of, I termed “Feast Fat” so now s the time to hit the tread mills and loose those extra pounds and get ready for next year.
We had a wonderful feast, no complaints whatsoever, the food was abundant, the fellowship was excellent and the messages were inspiring. I hope all of you had just as much fun and inspiration as we did in Galveston. Our attendance was 65 for the Last Great Day which was the highest of the feast and our total registration was 81, not to shabby.
Now it’s back to the daily grid and worries the world brings but having been with God’s people for the last week and a half has breathed a new life into me and I’m ready to face the world and its problems. I hope the feast has done the same for you; God seems to know what we need and has built them remedy for our needs and worries into the worship of God. We need only to have the faith and confidence he will do as he has promised over and over throughout the Bible.
Have a great week and don’t forget to join the services in Waco and Austin.

Ron Harmon



Hello Everyone:

If you are just waking up and you are searching for the all familiar coffee cup; then you now have come to your complete senses and remembering, it’s the Day of Atonement. It’s a day of fasting and prayer, a time of humbling one’s self before God.
God’s holy days are about remembering a lot of things God wants us to do; unfortunately, remembering gets harder and harder to do each year as we get older. It good we have these days as reminders; it’s kind of like having a back seat driver helping us along the way.
I don’t want to spoil a holy day by adding political comments into the reminder, you can get all of that you want elsewhere there’s plenty of out there, it gets too depressing after a while.
Back to Gods holy days, we are preparing for the Feast of Tabernacles; another of Gods reminders in the form of worshipping God in a place where he chooses. Our plans are to be in Galveston for the eight days of fun and fellowship. I hope your pans have been made and your preparations are in full swing. It will be a wonderful feast and a time of great rejoicing, only if we haven’t forgotten anything important: like, why we are there but we will be reminded of that as well.
Have a great Feast, there won’t be any reminders sent out until we get back from Galveston but we will see most of you there, God Bless.

Watch the services online Austin @10:30, Waco @ 1:00PM Central time at the following link: Services

God Bless

Ron Harmon


Holy Days

Greetings Everyone:

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. We are now one week away from the Feast of Tabernacles and I for one can’t wait for it to get here. We still have the Atonement observance this coming Sabbath and we all know what that means, fasting. No food or water for twenty four hours, this is a command from God.
This is a different holy Day season by all accounts; the dread of the unknown is hanging thickly in the air these days and people’s lives are changing in various ways. Many questions are sitting on the fringes of everyone’s mind: will we be free nations next year, will we survive this administration and are we seeing the end of the ages.
In my lifetime, I have never experienced a time in our nation as we see it today.
So many events have happened this year to fuel the fires of uncertainty: nationwide disasters, food scares, and the ever growing Islamic threat even within our own boarders just to name a few.
At a time we celebrate the plan of God, Satan is in full frontal attack against Gods people. Satan is ripping and tearing at the fabric of the church trying to cull the weak away from the fold. If there was ever a time we needed to depend upon the graces of Jesus Christ and the Father, It is now. We must pay a special attention to Gods will and his commandments; the time of fence sitting is over.
We can’t look ahead to see what God’s church will look like a year from now but we can see clearly behind us and we know what we see. We ignore the warning signs of this past year at a peril to our lives. I believe we have been given clear warnings and we haven’t seen the worst of it by any means. We are God’s people and we need to be doing what Gods people are suppose to be doing and we need to be with Gods people doing those things, God Bless you all.



Greetings All:

Isn’t it annoying when you speak to someone and they won’t listen to you. Doesn’t that irritate you to no end. It would be nice if when you spoke, everyone took account of what you were saying like that EF Hutton commercial they aired years ago. It would be amazing what one common sense person could accomplish, if the world would listen.
The common, average person could instruct our government how to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in within just a few months, how to deal with terrorist, fix education, secure our boarders and deal with taxes.
The common average American knows many of the solutions to fixing the issues that plague our nation and many are passing that information along to an unwilling or deaf group of people hell bent it seems, to ignoring the 800 Lbs gorilla in the room. We are doomed if we don’t reverse the course we are on and it doesn’t tale a genius to figure that one out and most Americans have already done so. Every poll suggest the current administration has lost the confidence of the majority of the nation and why? Because, they won’t listen to the concerns of the people; they only demonize and disparage those that suggest there is a better way.
There is one government that will listen to the people but change isn’t necessary within the walls of his world; for he is just and true and righteous. He is Jesus Christ and everything he does will be for the benefit of his people. His promises are eternal and wonderful; the blessings are abundant as well. He, who has an ear, let him hear; our King is coming soon.