Greetings All:

Isn’t it annoying when you speak to someone and they won’t listen to you. Doesn’t that irritate you to no end. It would be nice if when you spoke, everyone took account of what you were saying like that EF Hutton commercial they aired years ago. It would be amazing what one common sense person could accomplish, if the world would listen.
The common, average person could instruct our government how to get us out of the mess we find ourselves in within just a few months, how to deal with terrorist, fix education, secure our boarders and deal with taxes.
The common average American knows many of the solutions to fixing the issues that plague our nation and many are passing that information along to an unwilling or deaf group of people hell bent it seems, to ignoring the 800 Lbs gorilla in the room. We are doomed if we don’t reverse the course we are on and it doesn’t tale a genius to figure that one out and most Americans have already done so. Every poll suggest the current administration has lost the confidence of the majority of the nation and why? Because, they won’t listen to the concerns of the people; they only demonize and disparage those that suggest there is a better way.
There is one government that will listen to the people but change isn’t necessary within the walls of his world; for he is just and true and righteous. He is Jesus Christ and everything he does will be for the benefit of his people. His promises are eternal and wonderful; the blessings are abundant as well. He, who has an ear, let him hear; our King is coming soon.


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