Back from the feast

Greeting to Everyone:

We’re back, all safe and sound from the feast. Many of us are carrying extra baggage in the form of, I termed “Feast Fat” so now s the time to hit the tread mills and loose those extra pounds and get ready for next year.
We had a wonderful feast, no complaints whatsoever, the food was abundant, the fellowship was excellent and the messages were inspiring. I hope all of you had just as much fun and inspiration as we did in Galveston. Our attendance was 65 for the Last Great Day which was the highest of the feast and our total registration was 81, not to shabby.
Now it’s back to the daily grid and worries the world brings but having been with God’s people for the last week and a half has breathed a new life into me and I’m ready to face the world and its problems. I hope the feast has done the same for you; God seems to know what we need and has built them remedy for our needs and worries into the worship of God. We need only to have the faith and confidence he will do as he has promised over and over throughout the Bible.
Have a great week and don’t forget to join the services in Waco and Austin.

Ron Harmon


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