King has no clothes

Hello Everyone::

All is not well in the world but you probably wouldn’t know that if you rely upon main stream media for your news. All is not well in the USA either but the talking heads in Washington are touting great successes in the economy; how are doing, your friends and family are they doing better than a year ago? When will the little girl stand up and help everyone see the king has no clothes, in other words, when will the truth fully emerge about just how bad a shape the world is in right now. We aren’t getting the whole truth about the economy, simply because it’s an election year.

To make matters worst, there are very few leaders from the top down willing to do what is necessary to fix the problems we have; it seems they are content to go the way of Greece. Greece is not the model for success; the social programs so generously awarded out to the masses broke their banks; yet, we here in the USA seem to believe we need more social benefits and we have enough millionaires to pay for it all. In reality, the poor and middle class will pay and pay and pay for years to come or this nation will fall in the interim.

God said he would bring confusion upon the land if we didn’t obey him and one thing we know absolutely, God doesn’t lie. Have a blessed Sabbath.


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