Double Check

Hello Everyone: I sincerely hope everyone is having a prosperous week and all is well. After finding a few flaws in my recent updates I’ve been sending out. I’ve decided I need to start checking my work a little closer. I’ve decided I’ll double check the double checks I do each time I send one… Read More Double Check

Outward Display

Greetings Everyone: In my work I see many T-shirts proclaiming the funny too the absurd and today one can see the vulgar accolades of the ignorant displayed for the worlds approval as well. Shirts that memorialize the death of gang members are quit common and of course there are the religious sentiments included to give… Read More Outward Display

History Lesson

Greetings Everyone: I’m not a historian by trade but I’ve delved into history somewhat and there is always the History Channel I can quote (chuckle). In the years leading up to WWII in Germany, many events transpired that brought about the war and the attitude of a nation willing to uniformly commit murder on a… Read More History Lesson


Hello Everyone: I was setting here drinking my coffee and pondering what I would put into the reminder this morning. I started by reading my e-mail, one was uplifting, so I stored it in a folder for future use. There were about 23 advertisements, some good and some not so good, (delete). Several were face… Read More Quiet

World update

Greetings Everyone: Hope everyone has had a productive and wonderful week. Well, the election season is in full swing now; you can tell, the media is busy picking a candidate for us. It will be such a relief once they come to a consensus as to who the republican nominee will be, all this showboating… Read More World update