World update

Greetings Everyone:

Hope everyone has had a productive and wonderful week. Well, the election season is in full swing now; you can tell, the media is busy picking a candidate for us. It will be such a relief once they come to a consensus as to who the republican nominee will be, all this showboating the nominees are doing, giving speeches and traveling around is getting a bit tiresome to say the least.
I had to sigh a bit of relief this morning hearing the news, Greece has been saved, wait a minute, they haven’t been saved, here comes another news flash, they have been saved. Wait, there is another news flash, oohh enough of this, all we can derive from the main stream media is, the worlds in deep trouble and we’ve got the three stooges in control it seems.
I heard on the news Israel was making preparations to attack Iran. Now, all we hear is, do you think they will or do you think it’s a test. It’s my opinion only; but, do they have a choice? The US has left them high and dry and everyday that goes by brings them closer to annihilation, my guess is soon, very soon.
It seems many things in this world are coming together as in a perfect storm of disasters, will this bring us into the last days and begin the prophecies that ensues in Christ return, only time can answer that question. We must stand ready as Gods people for any event, mind, body and spirit.

Watch the services online Austin @10:30, Waco @ 1:00PM Central time at the following link: Services

Ron Harmon


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