Hello Everyone:

I was setting here drinking my coffee and pondering what I would put into the reminder this morning. I started by reading my e-mail, one was uplifting, so I stored it in a folder for future use. There were about 23 advertisements, some good and some not so good, (delete). Several were face book messages (delete) and a few were jokes and funny stories. One or two I will pass along the others (delete). I’ve come to the conclusions; I get entirely too much information from the outside world.
I get constant information at home, I get it at work, I get information on the radio between places in the car. If I’m not mad at what they are telling me; then, I’m scared or frustrated by the news. Someone is giving legal advice or selling me something. My mind was swirling in a circle thinking of all this stuff going on.
I stopped for just a minute turned away from the computer screen, it was silent in the house, and outside was a bird chirping away in the morning quite. I realized then, it was I who was letting all the noise in. We let the world affect us; we let it in with sound waves, and visual segments. All this is design to inform, entertain and supply us with our wants and desires but it also lets the world influence us and scare us into submission to the worldly concerns (delete).
Take a moment each day and listen in quite, that is where God is, listen to the creation of Christ, it won’t scare you or concern you but you will have a peace of mind.

Watch the bible study online at 7:00PM Central time at the following link: Bible study

God Bless

Ron Harmon


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