Imperfect World

Greetings to all:

As I watch the morning news I am struck by the daily drumbeat concerning the GOP Presidential candidates. It seems every one of them has a serious flaw or two concerning their past. In some cases it hard to believe if the allegations charged against them are true or made up but all the same, the charges become attached in the most negative of ways.
So, we are left with choosing someone who is less than perfect solution to our seemingly endless national problems.
There is no excuse for wrongdoing, it doesn’t matter who you are even the President is suppose to be accountable. So, if we are to choose someone to lead us under these standards, why aren’t the standards the same for the current President.
I know we live in and imperfect world that becomes more evident everyday but why is bad behavior okay when some people to engage in it and not okay when others are only accused of bad behavior.
The truth is it seems; the most prolific lawbreakers are our lawmakers; the men and women we send to govern our nation exclude themselves from the laws that would put you and me into prison. It’s an imperfect world because imperfect people run it and it won’t change no matter who is President only Christ can change the attitudes of the people and Christ will, he promised. Don’t be left out of the promises of Christ, hold fast to your salvation and remember, it’s an imperfect world but with a soon coming perfect King.

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God Bless

Ron Harmon


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