History Lesson

Greetings Everyone:

I’m not a historian by trade but I’ve delved into history somewhat and there is always the History Channel I can quote (chuckle). In the years leading up to WWII in Germany, many events transpired that brought about the war and the attitude of a nation willing to uniformly commit murder on a gigantic scale and look the other way during the fatal process. When a nation is down trodden, hungry and their national pride is broken, they search for solutions that can fix those feelings and bring back the good ole days, that is where Germany was in the late 1920’s. Germany got caught up in the promises of a smooth talking hope and change sociopath willing to barter their lives for power.
He did bring about a national recovery in Germany but built upon military expansionism.
Another thing he began doing was rationalizing away peoples lives. He began by killing the criminals and severely mentally ill justifying it by them being a burden on society, his tool National heath care. He continued to drive wedges into the fabric of society by class warfare piticurly singling out the Jewish population.
Murder wasn’t exclusively committed outside of mainstream society, at the apex of Hitler’s genocide; it happened to anyone found disagreeing with the national mantra. Why a history lesson in today’s Sabbath reminder? We learn from history, we look and see where history has lead us before. I look at the landscape today and I see a path that could be the years prior to WWII. I see division being created in the social classes, I see anti-Semitism, I see healthcare rationing on the horizon that could lead up to a death sentence for the elderly and mentally ill. I see slick talking politicians promising hope and change and delivering only misery and confusion. This path leads to destruction but there is another path, one that could lead to all the wonderful things we hope for but sadly, it’s not a path the world can see.
The path I’m referring to is Jesus Christ and the world he promises. It is there for us to see and walk on, once on it, we are protected no matter what happens on all the other roads that lead to destruction.


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