2011 Thanksgiving

Greetings to All:

Tomorrow we are to give thanks to God as a whole nation. We are to consider what we have been blessed with both as individuals and as a nation by our divine Father and give homage in recognition his omnipotence. This celebration will be carried out in homes, schools, churches; wherever a feast can be arranged. The nation will pause for one day and say, what?
Most will say thanks, but there is an ever growing crowed in our nation that say, “God isn’t real and what you people are giving me free of charge isn’t enough”. God isn’t a part of the equation any longer to many in our country; so, tomorrow is another great day to protest the achiever, camp out in the park and beat the drum chanting “the rich are selfish”.
The original Thanksgiving in this nation was approximately the year 1621, it came together after the Indians had help the remainder of the pilgrims, after they had survived a brutal winter where over half of their party had died. There wasn’t a single family that hadn’t been affected and they were grateful in ways we can’t fathom; they had barley survived starvation and the freezing weather.
This last year, we may have lost jobs, homes, retirements, we may have lost everything, but we still have our lives and loved ones. We still have freedoms and we still have a system that will feed us if we are hungry; it is more than many in other nations have but they thank their pagan gods even more devoutly than we thank our God for our abundance.
When we relegate the responsibility of protection, health, good harvest and our freedoms to our government, we have doomed ourselves as individuals and as a community into the hands of incompetent mortals. If we place these responsibilities back into the hands of the being that created them, we can begin to expect great blessings and miracles like the year of 1621. Thanking God and accepting God are synonymous; it requires both to have a great nation. In order to survive we must begin the return back to God as a nation or there won’t be many more days like tomorrow.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving
Ron Harmon


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