Outward Display

Greetings Everyone:

In my work I see many T-shirts proclaiming the funny too the absurd and today one can see the vulgar accolades of the ignorant displayed for the worlds approval as well. Shirts that memorialize the death of gang members are quit common and of course there are the religious sentiments included to give that air of righteousness. Sports teams are very popular and a very lucrative part of any T-shirt business, so we root for the team with the biggest order. We get ballerina dance studios and construction workers (not the same folks) wanting advertisement via T-shirts and they all do one thing; they display outwardly who that person is, does, and was.

We all advertise outwardly who we are to one extreme or another even without the benefit of a T-shirt. It’s common to broadcast we aren’t Christian by our actions; we see that in people all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to see a fake Christian, because without the benefit of a T-shirt displaying who they are, they easily hide behind their religious personification but on occasions they will let their guard down and we see the true person.

A T-shirt can be taken off; it can be changed to another message saying something totally different about that person. It takes Christ and the Holy Spirit to change a man or women and the true desire to want to be changed. The message we broadcast to the world by our actions tells them who we are and what we stand for, let that message be all about Christ that dwells within you.

God Bless
Ron Harmon


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