Double Check

Hello Everyone:

I sincerely hope everyone is having a prosperous week and all is well. After finding a few flaws in my recent updates I’ve been sending out. I’ve decided I need to start checking my work a little closer. I’ve decided I’ll double check the double checks I do each time I send one of these out. It seems if I just double check it once there are errors still left un-caught. It becomes frustrating as you can imagine writing short notes to remind you of the Bible study or the Sabbath; then, checking it over twice, and just as you hit the send button you see an error, OUCH!
It doesn’t seem to matter how close I check it, I find a mistake later on after posting it elsewhere (Waco blog). The worst thing that happens is when I’ve thought I’ve written a perfect update, send it out and then my wife reads it and says “it’s good but you did this, this and this” OUCH!
I did discover something in this whole process, life is like writing, no matter how many times you think you have it right, no matter how many times you examine yourself, you still find mistakes. We all have flaws we need to correct. We can’t always see them but others can. The flaws of others around us are more visible than our own and how we deal with the flaws of others says a lot about who we are. Remember, Christ is on our side and he encourages us to double check our lives, after all it’s his perfect kingdom we are moving to and we all want to be as good as we can be, no more OUCH’s.


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