Freedoms just another word

Hello Everyone:

In the late sixties Janis Joplin sang the words “Freedoms just another word when there is nothing left to lose”. I guess we are approaching freedom once again because we are losing everything it seems. This last week a bill was passed in the Senate that summarily does away with the Bill of Rights for American citizens.
It’s disguised as a bill that gives power to any president to order the US military on foreign and domestic soil to detain and hold suspected terrorist without trial without so much as a thank you from the courts. It said in other news releases it even allows torture and summarily executions as well. It’s up to the President and the military to determine who is a terrorist.
Whatever it does allow or doesn’t, the basis of this bill is very troubling news. In the hands of the wrong man power such as this could lead to the preverbal knock on the door in the middle of the night. It could mean the end of simple freedoms as we know them and it could lead to the final assault on humanity because without the US to stop the worst of the worst, who will?
Freedom is given by God and kept by Godly men, when you have Un-Godly men in control, you will loose your freedoms. When you have the real God in control, their will not be a fear of other men, only Christ, he is the ruler of the Universe.
Ron Harmon


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