Greetings Everyone:

There is so much to comment on, whether it’s the Presidential race or the European financial world collapsing. For a uninvolved outsider looking in, it would look as if we lived in a dying world made up of greed and exuberance and we are too focused on getting the brass ring to notice the music’s stopped playing. If nothing changes in the way we conduct our commerce in the world; then, the future is dismal and bleak for the world and the US.
The quality of life is degrading rapidly as well, it’s reflected by music and entertainment in the world today; you can’t trust watching a PG 13 movie without expecting to hear the F-bomb at least once. It seems there is very little in the way of creativity in society today. If it doesn’t blow your mind or your eardrums it’s of no use to our younger generations.
Will we soon be like the old communist regimes, where people wore the same type of clothing, worked where they were told, and received an allotment of food daily only to sustain their lives in order to live one more day. Are we creating a land where creativity isn’t allowed; a land where dreams are stifled to the point of death and you hope is striped away? Are we willingly embracing this way of life by allowing our lives and culture to be formed by influences from the entertainment word and those we look too as authority figures?
Great men and leaders, creative men, and women of the past looked for more than simple appeasements to make the world around them better; they looked toward God and his hand in their lives. The presence of God in their lives is reflected in music and literature of their day, even the inventions and discoveries that made mans life better were often times inspired by scripture. To be inspired by God is no accident, one must be familiar with him and his word, and there you will find who we are and who we will be, in the future.


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