Greetings Everyone:

It seems Europe is playing the “Lets make a Deal” game once more and many are quick to say prophecy is being fulfilled because of the consolidation of nations over debt. It could be the beginning of the prophecy spoken by Daniel, no one can deny what is happening in Europe is currently and will continue to affect the whole world, especially toward the end of days.
The greatest of magicians will tell you plainly the key to a great illusion is misdirection. Magicians are masters at getting you to look one way, all the while doing what is necessary to complete the illusion somewhere else. Satan is the greatest of magicians; he is renowned for his trickery throughout history. Satan has tricked the Christian world into believing many things that aren’t true, why would the prophecy about Europe be any different?
Many events of far greater impact are occurring thought out the Middle East at this very moment; events that threaten Israel’s very existence as a nation. If we focus only on Europe, we may fall into the Magicians illusion and miss what is really occurring that truly fulfills prophecy.


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