Greetings Everyone:

In hearing the promises of the Presidential candidates the last couple of months being expounded upon and dissected by the media, it has become clear to me the candidates have seen a different direction they want to move the country in. I remember the last election, and the same could be said about the candidates then as well. The main theme at that time was a new transformation of this nation into something like a utopia state; instead, we have been transformed into a depressed nation. I hope we have learned as a nation at least for a while that transformation isn’t necessarily always a good thing. Transforming something means to changing it, we missed that point in the past election because if we had given it much thought and considered the source, we would have realized the kind of change they had in mind for us. This country is being transformed into a nation where its leaders are rejecting everything with God branded upon it. At the same time they are embracing lawlessness in the form of promoting illegal aliens, homosexuality, corruption in every level of government and spending with no regard to the future of this nation.Mans idea of transforming something is often flawed and misguided. Mans motives are rarely on the side of God; most often they are strictly self-promoting. We will be transformed into a utopia nation once more by a great leader one day, but that will be done by Christ in the millennium not before then. No man can give us what we seek in peace and harmony no matter how great they sound, only Christ can transform us into what we seek.


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