Greetings Everyone:

I’m sitting here writing the update having my instant coffee and contemplating a bowl of one-minute oatmeal. I’m checking the weather on the computer to see what the conditions will be today, while I’m at it, I can see what kind of funds I have available to me as well.
Our lives these days revolve around how fast we can get something or how quickly our needs can be fulfilled. We don’t always realize we are smack in the middle of the instant society but we are contributors nonetheless. The designers of products thrive on one aspect of a new product or service; will it improve the gratification level for the common person.
We need food; we drive through and get it. We need money; we drive through and get it.
Need your prescription filled, you can go through a drive through and acquire them. I told Virginia that one day the world will have a drive through church, don’t laugh, one may be heading your way soon.
The younger generation is caught in an instant society built by machines and gadgets that service their every desire. They have an enormous amount of time available to experience the world. Unfortunately, they are trying all the wrong things in which to find pleasure and fill the void.
Paul wrote that in the end times, men would be without self-control and lovers of pleasure; is there a better way to describe instant gratification.
How are we too compete with society today in winning over the minds of our youths to Christ when he gratifies the heart and the world affects the physical mind. The sensations of the eye, ear, taste, smell, and touch are too much for the hearts of the more willing of our children. The heart is where the true love of Christ resides, and the instant he is let in, the faster the world will start fading away; this is only the beginning. The process of bringing a child into the fold of Christ takes a lifetime to be instilled into their hearts. One day, one hour, one minute can’t compete with the world; God can’t be experienced or appreciated instantly, it takes an eternity of love.


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