The Closet


We’ve been going through a lot of our old stuff recently and we’ve come across lots of items we had totally forgotten about. It’s like finding them for the first time all over again but with a special appreciation added in for the heart. It’s amazing what we pack away with intention of displaying that particular item somewhere in the future and then forgetting all about the wonderful memories it holds.
We all have closets full of vacation memories and knick-knacks we’ve collected over the years, photos, and items of loved ones that have pass away. Somehow they don’t seem make it to the counters of shelves to be appreciated when ones eye wonders upon them. They stay hidden by forgotten love; they were put there by fondness of what they hold captive within us, our lives.
It’s funny; we seem to treat our belief in God much the same way. We have great love for God when we first find him and we have all the intentions of displaying him in our lives. A lot of us put God in the closet because of turmoil in our lives, thinking it is only briefly. Life continues on and time allows us to forget what matters to us most and what is stuffed away in the closets of our minds.
Isn’t it time we go through our preverbal closet and re-examine our lives with the first love of Christ in mind. Isn’t it time remember the fondness of the days we were so blessed and give thanks to God we are able to have those blessing. As in our house we only see what is in full view, unless we open the closet, Christ will stay neatly tucked away from our lives.


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