Christmas Cheer


It’s Christmas Eve; there is no doubt about it, the merchants are peddling their wares with frantic vigor. The expectations of the world for peace and harmony, good cheer; brighter days ahead are drowned out by the beating of war drums all over the world. Dictators and despots are clamoring for an opportunity too expands their wealth maybe that is what in Santa’s bag this year.
The poem from Charles Dickens (The Night before Christmas) written in 1821, romanticized this time of year and help give a false impression of a time when all is well around the world; homes are safe and children are sleeping safely in their beds, nothing could be farther from the truth.
The noise you may think you hear in the distant night air isn’t Santa and his sledge pulled by eight reindeer. The noise is wings slicing through the air pressing forward the figure of a metallic angle bringing destruction and death too so many in other countries.
The drummer boys beat so immortalized is replaced by the rat-tit-tat of an AK-47 and the food so generously gorged by many in celebration of pagan deities could go to feeding starving children for weeks and months.
This is a time of year when disparity is rampant and suicide is the answer for some who have lost their hope in humanity. Even knowing the truth about the origins of this holiday can’t turn their minds and hearts back to God, it won’t ease their pain because tradition is their master. You have to sit and wonder, how long an insane world can maintain a sense of sanity. It may not keep a moral course much longer because the horizon is bleaker than the past but no matter, we are encouraged to have a merry Christmas.
Christ will not be insulted in this way much longer; one can feel the change coming. It will be the true Christ that will bring peace, love, and safety to this world but not before society is turned upside down. As for me, I am waiting for the true Jesus Christ, not some fairy tale driven impression of hope. He is our savior, our lord and God and he will save us from all manner of oppressions, most of all, Christmas.


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