So often problems come when least expected and always it seems, unannounced. Problems present themselves in many ways and levels of severity and never they way we would expect them. Problems can be unique to one person or event or cover a gambit of people or things.
When problems arise, we must deal with them; they cannot be ignored nor set aside to be dealt with at a latter date. It sometimes becomes painful in dealing with our problems, and in some rare cases people even enjoy having problems. But, one thing is always for sure, problems never go away on their own accord. They won’t disappear by wishing them away, making them vanish into a puff of smoke, nor can we hand them off to someone else to deal with.
A good example, last weeks bible study was full of problems. Turns out, the upstream is bad in my high-speed service and we transmitted un-viewable data the whole evening. In addition, Frank’s phone rang during the bible study causing a minor disruption; afterwards, my dogs got into a fight and had to be broken up. The problems seem to always be funny when you’re looking back but they are highly stressful at the time we are experiencing them and boy was I stressed last Wednesday evening. The key is to see the humor and the bright side of our problems because good or bad, they will come to an end.
We will be doing Revelations chapter seven over tonight and we hope the problems are gone for now. We will be broadcasting using a different high-speed service, Frank’s phone will be off, and there will be only one dog in the house. You see, problems can be fixed you only need patience, love and enough time to sort it out, but most of all, God’s help in dealing with problems though prayer.

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God Bless
Ron Harmon


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