The good Fight

Greetings: Has anyone ever said to you “Keep up the good fight”, or “Fight the good fight”, did you come away thinking they had some kind of violent tendencies and were to be avoided in the future. Maybe you understood they were referring to Paul’s epistle in 2 Timothy 4:6-8 where Paul is encouraging the… Read More The good Fight


Greetings: It’s raining here in Texas; that may not be a big deal across the country but here, it’s a big event. We haven’t seen rain in this quantity in a very long time; it was nice to sit back and listen to the drops hit the roof of the house. I don’t mind if… Read More Rain

The Race

Greetings: The continuing search for the perfect GOP candidate is fully underway at this moment. They’re being vetted by the mainstream media to see if there is a hanging offence committed in their families within the last hundred and fifty years. In their personal lives, they must have been sanctioned as Saints with a dash… Read More The Race


Greetings: I sincerely hope everyone is having a wonderful week and your health is good. In a few short minutes I have to get up and start fulfilling the days work laid out for me. The clock has dictated that I begin moving now or time will punish me somewhere down the line. Time is… Read More Time

String of Events

Greetings: In recent days, a series of events have taken place in obscurity of the Republican President campaigning that can only be described as alarming. It seems the President has bypassed congress and the law once more in appointing three vacant cabinet posts as recess appointments. The problem with the appointments begins with the unorthodox… Read More String of Events

Straw Polls

Greetings: I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I awoke this morning and checked my e-mails and discovered about fifteen messages from different news outlets announcing different stages of the straw polls. First, we had everyone’s favorite to win; then, we had the projected winner, and finely a CNN news flash stating… Read More Straw Polls