Straw Polls


I hope everyone is having a great week so far. I awoke this morning and checked my e-mails and discovered about fifteen messages from different news outlets announcing different stages of the straw polls. First, we had everyone’s favorite to win; then, we had the projected winner, and finely a CNN news flash stating Fox news reported Iowa decaled a winner. I’m just kidding but that is how ridicules it has become with our mainstream media these days.
The race for the next savior of the world has become a virtual tie between, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum with Ron Paul close at their heals. I know we are in trouble when the next news flash said “Arizona Sen. John McCain, who was the 2008 Republican presidential nominee, will endorse Mitt Romney on Wednesday in New Hampshire.”
It seems to me, this whole process of selecting a candidate for the Republican Party has some serious flaws. First, why does Iowa get to go first every time, it seems to me we should rotate the order every four years but who am I to suggest fairness in the process. Second, how is it possible the Republicans can nominate the worst possible candidate just about every time, even a blind squirrel finds a good nut every once in a while. Third, there is entirely too much media involvement; if it wasn’t for them, the people might actually get what they want for a change.
Well, that‘s my gripe about the process and I know it won’t change anything but it’s nice to get it off my chest. However, you have to ask yourself how long can this nation stand a mediocre, know nothing leader? Not too much longer it appears; we truly need a leader that is capable of leading and I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen until Christ returns.


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