String of Events


In recent days, a series of events have taken place in obscurity of the Republican President campaigning that can only be described as alarming. It seems the President has bypassed congress and the law once more in appointing three vacant cabinet posts as recess appointments. The problem with the appointments begins with the unorthodox way it which they were initiated not holding with procedures enacted for over ninety years of governing.
Another aspect of the appointments is the appointees themselves; they are best described by most who know them as dyed in the wool communist. This is the very reason congress wanted the opportunity to vet them in the open too begin with and was trying to ensure hearings on these nominees would have taken place.
Like a series of beads being placed on a string forming a necklace; one can see events being shaped though radical governing forming a dictatorial style government. During Hitler’s rise to power Germany’s government could say they were naive about such covert maneuverings, but such is not the case here in America today.
We know how despots rise to power; we’ve seen it over and over, time and again; we have the how-to-manuals and blueprints to such desires; they are quoted from almost on a daily basis. Yet, it may seem to an innocent bystander this is exactly what’s taking place in the good old USA today with our current administration hell bent upon governing unilaterally without restraints.
The government Jesus Christ will bring to this earth will be dictatorial in nature as well but with blaring differences. Jesus Christ is the righteous judge and lawgiver. He rules with a rod of iron but judges mercifully, something man is not capable of. Christ government will give us freedoms we’ve never experienced on earth; mans will strip freedom from us no matter where we are on this planet; pray”thy Kingdom come.”


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