Troubled Waters


I don’t have much in the way of a message today, I apologize. My mind is filled with so many other things going on right now it is hard to gather my thoughts and focus. I had a cousin die this week and my mind has been on him and his family; he is the second cousin of mine to die within the last month. Other issues as well are pressing hard on my mind and that takes up the little space in my brain I have to spare.

Maybe that’s the message for today, no, it’s not my brain. Unburden your cares, and give them to the Father in Heaven. Jesus the messiah is our Shepard and hope for a life after this one. That life won’t be in heaven, sorry my protestant friends but the bible teaches us differently about where we will be spending eternity.

Another message today might be, we are mortal, and everything’s going to be okay, we have the promises of Jesus to keep us in times of trouble. Like the beam of light from the lighthouse across the troubled waters, we are guided too the safety of the harbor. In the stillness of our minds we can hear the whispers of Gods words reminding us, we are in his hand and are safe from the world.


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