You might be a Redneck


Remember the line that went “You maybe a redneck if” fill in the blank. It was a sensation at the comedy clubs and theaters and they seem to hit just the right cord with a lot of folks. Often times, I would hear one of the redneck lines and find myself thinking”hey, that’s me.” Somewhere in the humor is a basis of truth and when you think about it, that is why it’s so funny, the humor is built around truth.
It is fast becoming “hey you might be a Christian if” fill in the derogatory blank. Just as in the redneck line, one might find himself or herself associating with the tag lines coming out of our mainstream media and Hollywood today. You might be a Christian if, you believe in gun rights, privet property rights, right to work, legal immigration, card check, and limited welfare, and not to mention limited government and many other issues, the list goes on and on.
You might be a Christian if you believe a child that has jut been conceived has as much right to live as one that is nine months in the womb. You might be a Christian if you believe in freedom of religion and the right to voice your opinion openly; go where you want and when you want.
Christian is fast becoming a label people shun; it’s not popular or cool to be a Christian or believe in God. The evil is there everyday, every hour, every minute to ensure Christians fail. But being a Christian isn’t the worst of it when it comes to being the target of jokes and put-downs.
God’s people are the hardest hit when it comes to abject persecution; not only does the world hate Gods people but “Christians” hate us as well. You might be one of Gods people if you keep the Sabbath holy, if you abstain from unclean foods, if you don’t observe pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter. You might be one of God elect if you keep the Holy Days of God, if you love God with all your heart and all your soul.
You might be one who shows their love for God through obeying his laws and keeping the commandments, it’s no joke.


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