I sincerely hope everyone is having a wonderful week and your health is good. In a few short minutes I have to get up and start fulfilling the days work laid out for me. The clock has dictated that I begin moving now or time will punish me somewhere down the line.

Time is an exacting Master and demands without exception we keep pace with it every second, minute, day, week, month and year. We cannot escape it grasp no matter how vigil or lazy we are; it hovers over us like a giant shadow forever pushing us forward to our next scheduled event.

Time may seem too slow down in some instances and speed up at an incredible rate in others but the clock is the pace maker of the world and maintains our track forward with the consistent ticking of the clock no matter how we perceive its flow. We feel joy and time rewards us with the memories of those events; we mark them with markers in the form of dates and look back in fond memories. We record those events with photos, videos and other media so as to cheat time only for a brief moment and join our laughter or tears to the ones time made us leave behind.

Equally, time is a punisher of us all leaving only the dead behind, for the dead knows nothing we are told in Ecclesiastes and time in uniquely tailored for this world alone. Time grants our birth and records that same event; time demands our death both eventually fade away with the steams of history, for time is only important only to the living.

If we left this world today and went to another planet, time would find us there as well but with a different face. In the dead of space only the clock could guide us, for it is there that all semblances of time has disappeared and forever darkness has no reminders of us or any other physical being. It is there God hovers’ in vigilant expectation of a day our bible says is set apart for time to introduce this world to its maker and savior. It is a day on the calendar the world is desperately running away from. We cannot escape the prison time encapsulates us all in, for Christ draws closer each day that passes.

Now I’m late, and time has marked that event but one thing is for sure in this world ruled by clocks. Christ will not be late, nor will he turn aside from his prophecies, they have been fulfilled in the past and time will guide them to their conclusion somewhere in the near future.


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