The Race


The continuing search for the perfect GOP candidate is fully underway at this moment. They’re being vetted by the mainstream media to see if there is a hanging offence committed in their families within the last hundred and fifty years. In their personal lives, they must have been sanctioned as Saints with a dash of Nobel peace prize added to their accomplishments in order for them to be qualified to hold the office of President, judging by the standards set by the media.
It’s a sad day in America when a presidential debate is reduced to a gossip commentary instead of focusing on the worldviews of the candidates. It was a refreshing moment in time when the arbiters of filth had their crafted gotcha question thrown back into their faces by Newt Gaigrich in such a way it brought to the forefront the ongoing issues with the media and their bias.
We have many domestic and world issues that are on the verge of being devastating disasters; spending time worrying whether a candidate is suited for the job because he makes too much money or made the right investments (in their view) is spinning your tires in a mud hole, you go nowhere fast.
It makes you wonder when all is said and done with the GOP nomination process and the full election begins, will there be the same examination of the Democratic contender same as the Republicans, I think not. It also makes you wonder how they would treat Jesus Christ, would they honor him as the Son of God, the creator, the messiah. Once again; I think not, I believe they would not only try to destroy him but try and murder him all over again.
Somewhere in the not so far off in the future, they will have a chance to prove themselves and show they are decent and honorable men and women in the media; either this year with the presidential race or when Christ returns. I believe if I were them, I would start now, so when they have to write a column about Christ in the future, they may just get a bit of it right and show they are not fully on the side of Satan.


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