It’s raining here in Texas; that may not be a big deal across the country but here, it’s a big event. We haven’t seen rain in this quantity in a very long time; it was nice to sit back and listen to the drops hit the roof of the house. I don’t mind if it rains for days; all I can say is, keep on coming rain.
I heard it rained in Washington last night as well. It seems the President wants to cause a flood of biblical proportions in government spending and more regulations to finish out his first term, according to his speech. At the same time, it seems we have a sever drought of common sense when it comes to regulating by the Constitution in Washington.
Let me get this straight, we are drowning in red ink; so, the solution is too spend even more money and create an environment hostile to business by increasing their taxes; that’s the answer to our wows.
I prefer the type of rain we are so gratefully receiving here in Texas. It is a whole lot more beneficial and even though you get stuck in the mud occasionally; you can clean up and you’re as good as new. In Washington, they will never be clean from their mishandling of our nations problems. That type of dirt doesn’t remove very easily and it’s there for the world to see. You have to ask yourself, “How can so immoral corrupt bunch of folks walk around prideful acting like they’re the purist of our nation”?
Pray God’s Kingdom come.


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