The good Fight


Has anyone ever said to you “Keep up the good fight”, or “Fight the good fight”, did you come away thinking they had some kind of violent tendencies and were to be avoided in the future. Maybe you understood they were referring to Paul’s epistle in 2 Timothy 4:6-8 where Paul is encouraging the church to press ever forward in spite of growing obstacles.
Paul’s life was coming to an end when he wrote this epistle, he had done all he could to make a better world and spread the truth but he could not deter the inevitable (death).
The fight is not always a religious one; we are witnesses to events in time where some believe we are at the precarious edge of global destruction or at the least, global dominance by a one world government. A government which will eradicate its opposition with little resistance, most will bow in acceptance and follow in fear of death. Will this be the fight we will come face to face with; will our lives depend upon us accepting something as simple as which day we worship upon?
Fighting is a word used to describe someone’s action in achieving a goal or possessing something. I see today many fighting for their special brand of truth with the same tenacity and inspiration Paul possessed. The leadership of our country is being fought for with a furious contention, the like unseen for many generations. Only one will prevail in the end and our country will be in the hands of the one who comes out on top. It will be by the hand of God who ultimately winds up in the Whitehouse; our fight as Gods’ people is a different kind of fight.
Fighting the good fight is a duty God’s people embrace; it is a fight worth engaging in and being an active member of. We, (Gods people) stand for more than just some organization we attach ourselves to, we are the church, the bride of the living God (Jesus Christ) and we don our holy armor each day to battle for that purpose that was the good fight Paul fought and the one we fight today. Put away your bitterness towards one another and become one holy army, we all can fight the good fight together.


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