Greetings: I’ve recently moved back to the country and we are in the process of cleaning a five-acre track my wife and I have owned for twenty-five years. The process is slow due to the incredible amount of growth in vegetation that has occurred unabated over the years.The most amazing plant growing on this world… Read More Vines

Cloudy Days

Greetings: Has spring sprung or is winter laying in ambush, this is a question we would all like an answer to. Weather is unpredictable at best, even with today’s technology, satellite imaging, and decades of tried and true methods, the weather still manages to best the brightest in weather prognostications.Weather is like human nature in… Read More Cloudy Days

Garden of God

Greetings: We started a garden yesterday, first time in about fifteen years I have planted one. “What inspired me to plant a garden”, you may ask. It’s an enjoyable activity for one and I get plenty of exercise for another reason and with the prices in the stores today, it’s a lot cheaper to plant… Read More Garden of God

I’ve Seen!

Greetings: I’ve seen a lot in the time I have lived upon this planet. I’ve seen men who claim to be Christ come to stake their claim to my salvation and their fame. Most of times they are sloughed off like so much dandruff, but sometimes they are taken seriously enough to cause real problems.… Read More I’ve Seen!

Do You Remember

Greetings: I can remember a time when things were simple; no computers, ipods, notebooks and all the other techno-gadgets available on the market today. Back then, if you needed to know what two plus two was you figured it out with a pencil and piece of paper. You watched television on a thirteen inch black… Read More Do You Remember