Do You Remember


I can remember a time when things were simple; no computers, ipods, notebooks and all the other techno-gadgets available on the market today. Back then, if you needed to know what two plus two was you figured it out with a pencil and piece of paper. You watched television on a thirteen inch black & white TV, if at all, and you knew everyone of your neighbors and their needs.
That was a great time to live, but it had its problems as well, but the problems then didn’t take a super computer to resolve; just hard work and determination.
If you go further back in time, just a hundred years ago; it was a time even simpler in terms of technology but demanded more in the way of physical abilities. As you travel back into the lost days of the pioneer and study the simple life of waking at dawn and begin the day that would see you working till dusk simply to survive. You worked like this sometimes seven days a week. Very few days were spent on special occasions or parties for endless events. Eating out was shooting something and cooking it on an open fire; you begin to appreciate the time we live in where automation is king.
What if today, all of our gadgets stopped working; our electricity went off and didn’t come back on. What if, your auto didn’t start and no one else’s would either. What would you do if something like this happened today? This is a scenario no one wants to see happen but can happen easier than you know.
It seems to us today incomprehensible to live without our modern conveniences but we could be forced back into a time just like our Grandparents and great Grandparents with the push of a button.
Are you prepared for the days ahead, not saying this scenario is going to happen but perhaps something on a lesser scale will affect us in profound ways in the near future? Have you thought about how you will live within the parameters of different contingencies, or are you content in accepting whatever fate has in store for you?
Faith in God is always our first order of the day, no matter the condition of the world around us. Faith will guide us and help us in times of trouble and we should believe in God with all of our hearts and minds but just as in the days of the pioneers, hard work, determination along with our faith will see us through the rough times ahead.


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