Why Hate Isreal?


Did you ever wonder why Islamic countries hate the nation of Israel so much? Why is it, they spend so many resources and so much effort to see the annihilation of a people and country the size of it in comparison, would fit inside Lake Michigan. What did such a tiny nation do to these enormous oil rich nations that could possibly deserve such an acidic hatred? It’s the kind of hatred that eats away at the very soul of a person or in this case a religion.
A religion that has a core value of destruction of another religion is built upon satanic aspirations. I keep hearing moderate Muslims say, the Quran doesn’t teach violence; yet, the evidence says otherwise from every aspect of their culture. It’s not just how they feel about Israel but how they treat their women; the perversions inside there countries dealing with young boys. The intolerance of the Christian religion or even owning a bible is capitol offence in some Islamic countries.
Hatred of Israel is simply the fuel that drives their satanic engines; it gives them the power of justification to demonize the one people God has recognized above the rest of the world. The Islamic stance is one of a pseudo morality; they have their own set of moral values and they are in direct conflict with the rest of the worlds and certainly Gods values. They claim superiority in religion, family values, and culture but if not for oil; they would still be millennia behind the rest of the world.
Why do they hate Israel? Because; they hate! They hate all that is good, all that is peaceful loving, and all that is moral. You must bow to Allah or die, you must bow to hate or perish, you must bow to a religion by intolerance would remove the name of Jesus Christ from every household and replace it with Allah at the threat of a sword.
Jesus demands our love and devotion but it doesn’t require you to blow yourself up in a pizza hut along with women and children to show your dedication. You need only to obey the words that have lived on for millennia before there was such a religion as Islam. You need only to believe the words in your bible, something sadly, few ever do.


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